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Tilting Wall Mount 100mm VESA

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Product Code - 80942

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Delivery Time - 1-7 Days.

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General Features

  • This wall mount can be used as a universal support system for VESA compatible monitors, touchscreens and terminals for Point of Sale / POS, Kitchen Display Systems / KDS in commercial kitchens, retail, restaurants, offices, industry, shops, medical, maritime, schools, laboratory and many other applications.

  • This hardware and bracket supports touch screens, terminals or flat panel monitors up to 35LBs.

  • Attaches to any flat horizontal or vertical surface.

  • Adjusts without tools to lock the screen at any position or up and down allowing for a wide range of screen locations.

  • Made of 14 gauge galvanized steel to resist harsh environments.    

  • This assembly can be oriented and installed in multiple configurations either horizontally or vertically.

Tilting Features

  • Tilt range is from 18 degrees to 129 degrees measured from the mounting surface. 

  • Removing the Tilt Brace allows you to align the Tilt Plate so that it’s parallel to the mounting surface.

  • The screen height can be adjusted two ways.  One way is by simply adjusting the position of the screen along the Tilt Plate.  The second way is by adjusting where the Tilt Plate attaches to the Base Plate as shown below.

  • It is also possible to install the screen so that it is aligned or set back from the shelf edge as shown.

  • To order this assembly use part # 80942.

  • This product is also available in a shelf edge mountable version. See part#80941.

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