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35LB Swing Arm Mount with a 100mm VESA Pan & Tilt Head (Chrome)

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35LB Swing Arm Mount with a 100mm VESA Pan & Tilt Head (Chrome) is available for purchase in increments of 1
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Product Code - 80972-CH

Availability - In stock

Delivery Time - 1-7 Days.

Note: Product usually ships within 24 hours of payment/order.

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General Features

  • The assembly supports enclosures, touch screens, terminals or flat panel monitors with 100mm VESA mounting hole pattern.

  • Swing arm mount attaches to a wall or any other flat vertical surface.

  • Swing arm can be installed in 6 different configurations.

Mounting Plate Features

  • The stud bridge mounting plate can be installed vertically centered on a single wall stud or horizontally across two wall studs.

Swing Arm Features

  • Swing Arm rotates 180° and is lockable at 10° increments.

  • Quick release pins securely lock the swing arm in place without tools.

Extension Arm Features

  • The horizontal position of the arm can be easily changed and locked as needed by removing and reinserting a simple hand knob.

  • Extension Arm has 2” of length adjustment and adjusts in 0.5” increments without tools to lock in position.  Quick release pins securely lock the extension arm in place.

  • The arm can be extended to increase the mount’s reach from 15.2” to 17.2”.

Pan and Tilt Head Features

  • Pan and Tilt head supports monitors or enclosures up to 35 lbs.

  • The pan and tilt head adjusts without tools to lock the screen at any position. Quick release pins securely lock the pan and tilt head at any desired position.

  • Pan and tilt head has 30° biased tilt adjustment to insure the screen can always be set to a level position.

  • The biased position or screen side to side tilt position of the pan and tilt head can be adjusted up or down by loosening the biased positioning knob on the back of the VESA mounting plate.

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