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DELL Venue 11 Pro Tablet Enclosure (call sales staff for more information)

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DELL Venue 11 Pro Tablet Enclosure (call sales staff for more information) is available for purchase in increments of 1
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Product Code - 80675

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General Features

  • This wall mount can be used as a universal support system enclosures for the DELL Venue 11 Pro Tablet. for Point of Sale / POS, Kitchen Display Systems / KDS in commercial kitchens, retail, restaurants, offices, industry, shops, medical, maritime, schools, laboratory and many other applications.

  • This enclosure is designed for the 10.8” DELL Venue 11 Pro Tablet in landscape orientation only. Contact us if you need a custom enclosure with portrait orientation or for a different sized screen.

  • Downward facing louvers are located along both sides to keep falling liquids and dust from entering while allowing for passive ventilation.

  • Enclosure internal dimensions:  Width 14.2in (361mm) x Height: 9.0in (229mm) x Depth 2.70in (69mm)

  • Enclosure external Dimensions:  Width 14.9in (379mm) x Height: 9.1in (231mm) x Depth 2.8in (71mm)

Enclosure Features

  • The enclosure can be attached directly to a wall in either surface or flush mount configurations.  A large variety of mounting options exist; the enclosure can be attached to any PQS mounting system that has a 100mm VESA mounting standard. See the mounting systems product group pages on our website for details on wall mounts with arms, counter top, under counter mounts and more.  Some examples are also shown on Page 8 of this document.

  • The back panel of the enclosure includes 100mm VESA mounting standard with four 10-32 threaded screw inserts for easy attachment to many different types of mounting systems.

  • A heavy duty hinge allows the front panel to swing open without tools and allows full access to the interior without removing the enclosure from the wall or mounting system.

  • A close fitting neoprene gasket surrounds the entire edge of the tablet to seal against the entry of dust of liquids, and meets NEMA Type 2 rating- Enclosures constructed for indoor use to provide a degree of protection to personnel against access to hazardous parts; to provide a degree of protection of the equipment inside the enclosure against ingress of solid foreign objects (falling dirt); and to provide a degree of protection with respect to harmful effects on the equipment due to the ingress of water (dripping and light splashing).

  • The enclosure can be secured closed with either tool less thumbscrews or security screws that are installed with the included wrench.

  • Includes a flexible USB Female type A to male type A adaptor cable that plugs into the tablet and allows easy connection of an Ethernet LAN dongle or other peripheral device.

  • The back panel of the enclosure includes two standard single gang openings with blank cover plates. With the cover plates removed the enclosure can be attached directly over two standard single gang electrical outlet junction boxes to completely conceal the power and data outlets within the enclosure. The cover plates installed they can be adjusted to the offset position which opens slots in the bottom edges of the plates to create paths for routing cables into the rear of the enclosure.

Tablet Mounting Plate Features

  • The Dell Venue tablet is held gently but securely in the center of the tablet mounting plate with sets of rubber alignment pegs that contact all for corners of the tablet. Rubber backing pads on each of the four mounting plate arms and one in the center of the plate provide support for the back of the tablet.

  • The tablet mounting plate is secured to the front of the enclosure with thumb nuts for easy installation and removal that requires no tools.

  • The tablet mounting plate also features multiple tie points to allow the power supply and cabling to be secured with the included cable ties.

  • The tablet mounting plate include multiple tie point locations for securing items such as the tablet power supply, an Ethernet dongle or USB hub and associated cabling.

Adding Optional External Connector Ports

  • External connector ports can be added to outside of the enclosure that allow direct connection to all of the connectors on the sides the tablet when it is inside of the enclosure.

  • External Connector Kits are available for :USB -B, HDMI, Cat 5/ RJ45, 3.5mm Stereo Mini and Micro USB power.

  • Up to four (4) “Pass Through” external connector ports can be installed in along the bottom edge of the enclosure.

  • The external connector port kits include the port assembly, mounting screws and a cable for connecting the internal side of the port to the connectors on the tablet mounted inside of the enclosure.

  • Installation requires that a small cover plate be repositioned by removing two screws; the external connector port is then secured in place with two more screws and then a cable is installed between inside connector port and the tablet.

  • PN External connector port kit for USB-B

  • PN External connector port kit for HDMI

  • PN External connector port kit for Cat 5/ RJ45

  • PN External connector port kit for 3.5mm Stereo Mini

  • PN External connector port kit for Micro USB power

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