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ELO Model #ET1715L & Display Controller Countertop Mount with Chrome Screen Cover

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Product Code - 80625-CH

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General Features

  • This Countertop or Shelf Edge mount can be used as a universal mounting bracket for ET1715L Touch screens for Point of Sale / POS, Kitchen Display Systems / KDS in commercial kitchens, retail, restaurants, offices, industry, shops, medical, maritime, schools, laboratory and many other applications.

  • The screen frame is made to fit the ELO Model # ET1715L Touch screen computer monitor only.

  • The screen frame is made entirely of stainless steel.

  • A slot on the side of the cover allows easy access to the power and menu buttons on the side of the screen.

  • Comes with a 24” VGA cable (PQS P/N 30061) connects the touch screen to the controller. This custom short Male/Male cable reduces “cable clutter” behind the screen for a cleaner installation.

  • Comes with a 36” USB extension Male to Male (A to B) cable (PQS P/N 30075) that connects the controller to the touch screen as well.

Mounting Plate Features

  • The base plate has non slip pads on the bottom to keep the mount from sliding around.

  • The base plate has three attachment points for the riser and pan and tilt heads.

Pan and Tilt Head Features

  • This assembly includes a 75/100mm VESA compatible screen pan and tilt head.  If your assembly includes a screen pan and tilt head equipped with an adaptor plate for a proprietary screen type; please refer to the pages that include information specific to that application.

  • The screen Pan and Tilt Head can be easily adjusted side to side or up and down and locked in any position with the four and five point hand knobs; the positions can also be permanently secured by tightening the lock screws.

Back of Screen Storage Enclosure Features

  • The Storage Compartments/back of screen enclosure internal dimensions are: 11”L x 7 3/8” H x 2 3/16” Deep.

  • The Storage compartment comes in chrome powder coating.

  • Fits most standard display controllers, thin clients, and power supply.

  • The Back of screen enclosure is hinged for ease of access to the items stored inside.

  • Cabling can be tied off to one of the tie points along the back of the enclosure or slipped in between the baffles on either side of the compartment.

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