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Low Profile, Tilting Countertop Mount for semi-permanent support of a MICROS 720 Tablet

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Low Profile, Tilting Countertop Mount for semi-permanent support of a MICROS 720 Tablet is available for purchase in increments of 1
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Product Code - 80140-504

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Delivery Time - 1-7 Days.

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General Features

  • This assembly supports the MICROS Oracle 720 tablet in landscape orientation with a plug in type power adapter in a semi-permanent application.
  • This support solution is part of a full line of mounting brackets for rugged point of sale tablets including mounts for hand held POS and drop in chargers for mobile POS in hospitality environments.
  • This system can be attaches to the top of a counter, shelf or other flat horizontal surface.
  • The tablet can be easily installed on or removed from the mount; although this system is not recommended for continuous daily installation and removal of the tablet.
  • The angled sides of the mount assist in guiding the tablet back strap onto the mount and provide additional support once the tablet is installed.
  • A pair of Phillips head screws or thumbscrews can be used to secure the back strap of the 720 tablet to the support plate for a more permanent installation.
  • This support system allows adjustable tilt angle of the 720 tablet; adjust the position of the two long push pins to locate the tilt brace at the optimum position for your application.
  • Depending on the final tilt position of the tablet; there should be sufficient empty space behind the tilt plate of the mount to store the A/C adapter and surplus cable.
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