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One Inch Tall Pullout Keyboard Drawer with a Low Profile All in One Waterproof Keyboard

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One Inch Tall Pullout Keyboard Drawer with a Low Profile All in One Waterproof Keyboard is available for purchase in increments of 1
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Product Code - 80680

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General Features

  •  The low one inch profile of this keyboard drawer maximizes valuable counter top space by allowing other equipment to be stacked directly on top of it.

  • Can be easily mounted under a counter top or shelf.

  • Includes 15 foot long USB extension cable.

  • Optional rack mount compatible model installs in any 1U 19” equipment rack space; P/N: 80681

  • Keyboard Drawer low one inch profile allows the drawer to fit in with other equipment without taking up valuable space. Overall dimensions: Width 17.5 in (444.5mm) x Depth 15.8 in (401.3mm)  x Height: 1.0 in (25.4mm)

Keyboard Tray Features

  • The keyboard tray is made of 16 gauge steel and can allow objects up to 5 pounds to be placed directly on top of the drawer.

  • The keyboard tray includes a finger pull bar, a 2” deep wrist rest area and dual clamping brackets that secure the keyboard to the tray.

  • The keyboard tray travels silently and smoothly on heavy duty slides that carry a lifetime replacement warranty.

  • The tray extends out from the drawer housing 7.75"

  • The tray can be easily locked in the closed position with any common pad lock.

Keyboard Features and Specifications

  • Silicone "All-in-One" Medical Grade USB Keyboard with Built-in Touchpad Pointing Device, Limited Lifetime Warranty, Windows compatible.

  • USB connectivity, quick connect feature allows the keyboard to be easily disconnected from the assembly for cleaning, 24k Gold-plated USB Connector to prevent corrosion.

  • Black silicone exterior, equipped with blue LED backlight technology, Integrated Touch Pad pointing device, UV reinforced keys, full size 90 Key layout. 

  • Waterproof, fully submersible, washable, dishwasher Safe and is manufactured to IP-68 standards.

  • Antimicrobial; SILVER SEAL™ infused silicone for antimicrobial protection of the keyboard surface; this technology protects the keyboard between washings.

  • Fold out Keyboard Tray overall dimensions are: Width 18 in (457mm) x Depth 2.4 in (61mm)  x Height: 9.2 in (234mm)

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