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Tilting Universal Keyboard Mounting Tray

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Product Code - 80320

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General Features

  • This tray will securely hold a wide range of full sized and mini sized keyboards. Two 6” wide jaws expand the depth from 5” to 9 1/2” and two 3” wide jaws expand the length from 10” to 18 1/2”. 

  • All jaws are 1” high. The front and rear jaws feature adjustable edges that extend from 7/8” to 1 5/8” in height to reach over the edges of the keyboard and grip it securely.

  • A system of threaded rods permits the length and width of the clamping jaws to be finely adjusted to the exact dimensions needed. It’s so secure that it can even hold a keyboard upside down!

  • Features integral tilt function that permits the tray be tilted forward up to 90° and locked into position without tools.

  • Attaches to a shelf, table top, counter top or any other flat horizontal surface.

  • To attach to a wall or any other flat vertical surface, add optional mounting plates with one arm to support the Universal Keyboard Mounting Tray alone or two arms to support a terminal right next to the keyboard.

  • Most of our modular mounting systems can be easily reconfigured in the field for a different application by either adding or removing a few parts to create a support solution for any mounting location.

  • This system is designed to work with standard rectangular shaped keyboards and is not recommended for contoured type keyboards.

  • Optional wall mounting with a multiple arm mounting plate and two arm assemblies.

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