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Universal Back of Screen Controller Mount 75/100mm VESA

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Universal Back of Screen Controller Mount 75/100mm VESA is available for purchase in increments of 1
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Product Code - 80500

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Delivery Time - 1-7 Days.

Note: Product usually ships within 24 hours of payment/order.

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General Features

  • Mounts behind any 75 or 100 mm VESA compatible display screen, touch screen, flat panel monitor or terminal to support accessory devices such as video controllers or microcomputers.

  • Supports accessory devices above, below, or to either side of the back of the display screen.

  • A length of 2" wide hook and loop strapping (included) easily adjusts to secure accessory devices to the mount.

  • Multiple mounts can be stacked to support additional accessory devices.

  • A versatile hardware kit is included to attach additional devices to the mount such as bump bars, card swipes, speakers and more.

  • Made from steel and finished with a durable, black, low gloss, micro wrinkle powder coat that resists fingerprints.

  • Can be easily reconfigured in the field for different applications by adding or removing a few parts to create a support solution for nearly any mounting location.

  • Add an optional 24” long, male to male VGA cable, PN 30061, to connect a video controller or microcomputer to a display screen, touch screen or monitor. This custom short cable reduces “cable clutter” behind the screen providing a cleaner installation.

  • Select the Product Info Sheet link at the top of this page for detailed information

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