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Universal Back of Screen Controller Mount for MICROS 166 RDC or 210 KDC 75-100mm VESA

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Universal Back of Screen Controller Mount for MICROS 166 RDC or 210 KDC 75-100mm VESA is available for purchase in increments of 1
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Product Code - 80501

Availability - In stock

Delivery Time - 1-7 Days.

Note: Product usually ships within 24 hours of payment/order.

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General Features

  • Mounts behind any 75 or 100 mm VESA compatible display screen, touch screen, flat panel monitor or terminal to support the Oracle MICROS 166 RDC (Restaurant Display Controller) or 210 KDC (Kitchen Display Controller) unit.

  • Supports the RDC or KDC unit above, below, or to either side of the display screen by simply rotating the orientation of the mounting plate relative to the VESA pattern on the back of the screen.

  • The RDC or KDC unit slides easily into a snug steel channel section and is easily secured with a special thumbscrew.

  • Made from steel and finished with a durable, black, low gloss, micro wrinkle powder coat that resists fingerprints.

  • Includes a custom 24” long, male to male VGA cable, PN 30061, that connects the display screen to the controller. This custom cable reduces “cable clutter” behind the screen providing a cleaner installation. 

  • Can be easily reconfigured in the field for a different applications by adding or removing a few parts to create a support solution for nearly any mounting location.

  • Add optional adjustable bump bar mounting arms (contact our sales department). These arms attach directly to the bottom of the mount to secure a QSR KP-3000 bumpbar or a LC-11 bumpbar.

  • Also available is PN 80500 featuring a universal mount and PN 80502 which supports QSR Bump Bars.

  • Select the Product Info Sheet link at the top of this page for detailed information.

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