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Wall Mount with 3" riser, adjustable 8" arm and panning head for a MICROS 720 Tablet with drop in charger

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Wall Mount with 3" riser, adjustable 8" arm and panning head for a MICROS 720 Tablet with drop in charger is available for purchase in increments of 1
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Product Code - 80021-505

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Delivery Time - 1-7 Days.

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General Features

  • This assembly supports the MICROS Oracle 720 tablet in landscape orientation with a drop in charging cradle that permits continuous daily installation and removal of the tablet.
  • This support solution is part of a full line of mounting brackets for rugged point of sale tablets including mounts for hand held POS and drop in chargers for mobile POS in hospitality environments.
  • This system attaches to a wall, shelf edge or other flat vertical surface.
  • The angled sides of the mount assist in guiding the tablet into the cradle and provide additional support once the tablet is installed.
  • The cut out sections on the sides of the mount provide full access to the battery charging slot in the rear of the cradle.
  • Includes a pair of hook and loop straps to secure the power supply transformer and surplus cable to the back of the mount.
  • Installing the charging cradle onto the mount can be completed in seconds; first by inserting the cradle and then slightly tightening the rear lock screw.
  • If necessary; the power connector can be easily unplugged from the charging cradle without having to remove the cradle from the mount.
  • The side to side position of the arm on the riser that supports the tablet panning assembly can be adjusted and locked into position at the top of the riser assembly mounting point with the three point knob.
  • An adjustable stop screw prevents the arm from rotating in a complete circle on the top of the riser section.
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